Zhi-Xing China Fellowships

Program Introduction

The Zhi-Xing China Fellowships is a unique program and aims to invite mid-career professionals of different background from the United States to visit China through a transformational experience. Through cultural immersion, group and individual meetings, and traveling across China, fellows will enrich their experience, gain deeper knowledge of China, strengthen their networks in China, and identify opportunities for future collaboration.


The Fellowship is anintensive four-week professional development program, including an Opening Seminar, group activities (seminars on various topics & language and cross-culture training), two weeks of individually tailored meetings throughout China and a Closing Seminar. Fellows are also expected to participate actively in the lifetime global alumni network in the years following their fellowship travels.


The fellowship arranges and pays for international (economy class) and domestic flights in China, seminars, transportation, food and accommodations during the fellowships.




Fellows must:

·        Have ademonstrable record of high achievement, and must show evidence of outstanding potential for professional advancement and significant impact in their chosen field;

·        Have outstanding personal character and integrity;

·        Have love for Chinese culture, with a special interest in the continuous engagement in the work and activities related to China;

·        Be thoughtful, committed, respected and inspirational leaders within their professional fields as well as their larger community;

·        Be able to conduct individualized meeting, network and participate in-depth seminars;

·        Be 32 to 45 of age by the time of selection: January, 2016;

·        Be available and able to participate in all program components on the program dates specified;

·        Be willing to contribute to the post-fellowship and alumni association.



Applicationand Selection

Candidates must complete the application form in English. After reviewing applications, the nominating committee will decide which individuals qualify for an interview and schedule abrief telephone conversation with all finalists. The nominating committee will consider all nominations collectively and make the final selection decisions.

Those selected will receive an invitation to the fellowship and will be asked to formally accept. Nominees not chosen will be notified shortly thereafter. The Fellowships will not announce the final results until receiving all of the responses from those who are offered a fellowship.



Selection Timeline

NOVEMBER 16, 2015                       Application deadline 2016;

December 1, 2015                              Applicants are notified if theyare finalists

December 15-16, 2015                      Finalists attend in-person interviews in Philadelphia

January 2016                                       Applicants notified of the selection results

October 15-November 12, 2016       2016 Zhi-Xing China Eisenhower Fellows travel to China




China Education Association for International Exchange: www.ceaie.edu.cn

Ms. Zhang Qian

Deputy Program Director

Department of International Cooperation



E-mail: zhangqian@ceaie.edu.cn


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