Zhi-Xing China Fellowships Launched

The reception celebrating the launch of ZHI-XING CHINA US-CHINA YOUNG LEADERS FELLOWSHIPS was held at the US Capitolon December 17th, 2014.


Chinese Vice Minister of Education Hao Ping, CPE China Coordinator, US Under Secretary of State Richard Stengel, CPE US Coordinator, Senator xxx, Congressman xxx, and other representatives from both public and private sectors attended this event.

Vice Minister Hao Ping said, “The key to sound relations between states lies in amity between the people, and the key to amity between people lies in heart-to-heart exchange. The US-China high level Consultation of People-to-People Exchange (CPE) serves a high-level platform for government and private-sector representatives to discuss cooperation in a broad and strategic manner. Under the CPE framework, nearly 200 robust outcomes and deliverables have been implemented over the past five years. Both sides will look ahead at a number ofcoming exchanges programs such as ZHI-XING CHINA US-CHINA YOUNG LEADERS FELLOWSHIPS as a means to further enhance people-to-people connections.”

US Under Secretary of State Richard Stengel hailed the importance of US-China people-to-people engagement and the two countries were elevating their people-to-people partnerships even further.

The initiative of the ZHI-XING CHINA US-CHINA YOUNG LEADERS FELLOWSHIPS was born out of the robust relationship established through the CPE which builds a stronger foundation for greater understanding between the two nations. The ZHI-XING CHINA US-CHINA YOUNG LEADERS FELLOWSHIPS is a unique program and aims to invite mid-career professionals of different backgrounds from the United States to visit China through a transformational experience. Through cultural immersion, group and individual meetings, visits and traveling across China, fellows will enrich their experience, gain deeper knowledge of China, strengthen their networks in China, and identify opportunities for future collaboration. The fellowships is implemented by China Education Association for International Exchange. A generous contribution by PERFECT WORLD will support the fellowships for the next ten years.