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Zhi-Xing China Fellowships Program is an intensive four-week professional and leadership development program available to individuals who have demonstrated leadership and positive impact in their home countries. The fellowship includes two weeks of individually tailored meetings throughout the China. It also includes group activities with other Fellows: an Opening Seminar focusing on international relations and a Closing Seminar to share lessons learned and fellowship outcomes. Attendance throughout the program, including both seminars, is required of all Fellows. Fellows are also expected to participate actively in the lifetime global alumni network in the years following their fellowship travels.

The four-week personalized travel itinerary is collaboratively developed by the Fellow and a ZhiXing China Program Officer in order to ensure alignment with the Fellow’s goals and optimal opportunities for productive exchange of ideas and experiences. This process requires both thoughtful effort and significant time commitment on the Fellow’s part prior to arrival in China.

Zhi-Xing China Fellowships places strong emphasis on the section of the application addressing fellowship objectives and anticipated outcomes, as well as the preliminary program design. As for the latter, it should delineate the nature of appointments desired, and the specific issues to be addressed in these meetings. This section of the application helps to confirm the extent to which the applicant might benefit from the program, and forms the basis for initial research and planning undertaken by the Program Officer to develop the itinerary. It therefore becomes a vital part of the program itself, so the more information provided the better.

Each member recommends candidates and invites other individuals known to him or her to suggest additional candidates, leading to a competitive process that provides the highest caliber candidates to the Selection Committee in Beijing.

Finally, please answer all questions in the application in English.

* April 18, 2015 is the deadline of applying for 2015 program!

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